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Login Issues

I can't remember my password and need it reset

UK Applicants

Education Abroad uses Single Sign-on (SSO) Authentication to grant user access.This means you should be using your Linkblue credentials to login; therefore, you must visit to reset or make changes to your UKY account. Education Abroad can NOT view, access, or modify your account in anyway. You must work with UKIT if you are experiencing login issues.

Non-UK Applicants

To reset your password, please use this link - Password Reset Request

Please note: Once your password is reset, you will receive an email with your temporary password that expires after 24 hours. If you do not reset your password within this time-frame, then your temporary password will expire and you will have to request a password reset again.

I am a Non-UK Applicant who received LinkBlue credentials after I started my UKEA Application

If you are an incoming or visiting applicant that started your application before applying to the University of Kentucky, and then got accepted and received Linkblue credentials, you must still sign in as a Non-UK Applicant. Your newly received credentials will not work, as your application is tied to the credentials used when you first created the application. You will continue to use your Non-UK Applicant credentials throughout the process, regardless of having received Linkblue credentials.

I get an error message when trying to login

User Not Found

If you receive the following error when attempting to login:

User Not Found

Your login indicates you have a valid login ID, but you have not yet been set up to access the website.

If you are a UK Applicant, please make sure that you are choosing the correct login gateway. After clicking UK Applicant, you should be directed to a UKY Single Sign-on page where you are asked to input your Linkblue Username and password. This page should look familiar, as this is the same gateway used to sign in to myUK, Office 365, etc.

If you are a Non-UK Applicant, then make sure you are using the username and password you used when you first created the application.

SIS Data Not Found

If you receive the following error when attempting to login:

SIS Data Not Found

Your login credentials have been accepted, but no record in the SIS resource could be found matching your ID. This may be a problem with your eligibility to apply, or a problem in the definition of the SIS resource.

In most cases you will receive this error if you are not currently enrolled for courses at UKY when trying to login. Please reach out to Education Abroad through the following link to get this issue resolved. Contact EA about Login Error Include your name, linkblue and any other pertinent information.